Saturday 19. May 2012

I made it! Finally I made the text input in flow working with SDL 1.3.
So it's now possible to use all the GUI features.

I fixed some bugs in the N-compiler, and wrote some register spilling functions.
Register spilling is needed, because when all of the registers are used and
we need to put a variable into one, the compiler has to pull one out into the
matching variable.

This is called "register spilling". Now I implemented it and I hope it works ;).

Also im thinking about a data storage for the nano VM.
Something like a database runnning as a server on one machine, making it possible
to share data between the virtual machines.
This would make a multi computer environment possible.

I started a new project some time ago. It's a database where you can store data
(obvious, isn't it??). Ok, but the cool thing is a feature that I call "links".
You can add links between the data, making it possible to map the relationship
between the data.

The database is still in planning, coding phase. And not finished yet.
The data can be saved encrypted, I'm using blowfish encryption from some
crypto library. This works well. Links can be set and removed.
But the network code is still not done.
Ok, enough of that, hope I get some new ideas for the database.


Saturday 17. December 2011

Multithreading support is now built in nano (1.1.9) and works well.
I wrote a programm which uses 4 threads to print out
the "Hello world!" message. This runs really nice.

With the new opcodes is a lot more possible than before.
Just imagine all the cool things you can do now!
This is really cool and we will se what comes next...
It's a real milestone now.


Sunday 11. December 2011

I'm working on multithreading support in nano VM.
It's possible to run the "Hello world!" on two independent threads.
Still missing: some kind of stack for the new thread, to get the caller arguments.
I have to write some code for this. And a mutex function for variables is also
needed. We will see...


Sunday 18. September

I'm working on flow, the nano VM GUI and sound server.
With SDL 1.3 it will be possible to open more than one window,
so flow can handle more than one client. It will become a real
server then. I checked out the SDL 1.3 via mercurial and I'm
trying some things. It's still in alpha stage, so I'm waiting for
the SDL 1.3 release.


Thursday 18. August

Nano 1.1.5 and flow 0.5.4 released:
Flow now has sound: you can play WAV and MP3 files with it.

I'm working on a flow Windows version.
There is a big problem: some DLLs can't be loaded. (Windows 7)
The ieframe.dll and others can't be loaded.
I don't know how to fix this. Maybe I have to wait for a update
from Microsoft. This is a known bug.


Wednesday 29. December

About Linux on the Lenovo Idea Pad U550:

I installed Debian Lenny Custom 01160.

Worked out of the box:
- graphics (I installed the ATI driver)
- touchpad
- soundcard

Needed some additional work:
- WLAN with wpasupplicant

Still not working:
- webcam
- fingerprint reader

If you know how to make them work, then
let me know.

I'm using KPowersave for battery monitoring.
Which works good.

Saturday 21. August

I have uploaded two pictures of the moon, taken with my
Bresser N203/1000 telescope. I shot them yesterday.

Sunday 16. May

I have updated the hacks pages. There are two new hacks:
the "propeller one" Parallax propeller board and my POV blinken [lights].

Both licensed under the GPL, so mod away as you like!

Saturday 15. May

I'm currently working on a Propeller microcontroller prototype:
the "propeller one". It has a serial port, TV out, keyboard connector,
SD card connector and expansion ports.

I can programm it now and run some stuff on it, but the keyboard
connector is still untested. But I think it will work.
I will put it on the hacks page, when it's fully tested.

Momentan arbeite ich an einem Propeller Mikrokontroller Prototyp:
dem "propeller one". Der hat einen seriellen Port, TV Ausgang, Tastatur-
anschluss, SD Kartenanschluss und Erweiterungsports.

Ich kann Programme laden und ausf�hren, aber der Tastaturanschluss ist
noch nicht getestet worden. Aber ich denke er geht.
Ich werde das Projekt auf die Hacks Seite stellen, wenn alles getestet ist.

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